Are you dissatisfied with the overall appearance of your teeth? Do you want to revive your care-free and beautiful smile?

Contact Box Hill North Dental and get an affordable smile makeover!

Our highly qualified and trained dentists perform a thorough checkup of teeth and dental health to recommend treatment that gives you an impressive and natural-looking smile.

We Give You a Smile that You Will Love to Show off

Our qualified and trained team of cosmetic dentists can transform your smile, rejuvenate it and improve your self-confidence. Our expert aesthetic and cosmetic dentists meticulously examine your smile and based on the insights narrow down the course of treatment.

We use an array of advanced equipment and treatments to deliver the best outcome possible, giving you a smile that will be the centre of your everyone’s attention (and envy).

Our dentists work on the following dental problems to restore your smile:

  • Single/multiple stained and discoloured teeth
  • Inconsistently cracked or chipped teeth
  • Broad gaps between teeth
  • Uneven, or crooked teeth
  • Disproportionate gum line
  • Slightly crooked teeth

A smile-makeover by dentists at Box Hill North Dental will take years off the appearance of your smile, giving you a youthful face.