All great things begin with a beautiful smile! But, sometimes chipped, fractured or broken tooth can make people self-conscious.

We Go an Extra Mile to Restore Your Bright and Confident Smile!

With a team of dedicated cosmetic dentists, we help you get a radiant and confident smile with crowns and bridges.

Crowns and bridges offer a fixed solution to a damaged or missing tooth. At Box Hill North Dental, we provide restorative procedure using crowns and bridges to help you get back your natural smile.

Crowns and How can It Help in Restoring Your Smile?

A crown, or cap as it’s commonly known, is a tooth-like shell that is carefully placed over your existing tooth. This cosmetic dentistry procedure is widely used to strengthen, restore and enhance the appearance of your natural tooth. Besides, we use crowns to protect the weakened tooth or restore the ones which are cracked or chipped.

You require a crown under the following circumstances:

  • If you’ve got fractured or damaged tooth
  • When severe decay has weakened your tooth
  • For a badly discoloured or stained tooth
  • It is used to fix a mishappen tooth
  • When a dental bridge requires an anchor.

What is a Dental Bridge and How it Helps You?

A dental bridge is a prosthetic device that is used to replace a missing tooth/teeth. Generally, bridges are made of a combination of porcelain and metal for added strength and a natural appearance. A dental bridge is used to replace a missing tooth, along with providing an effective solution for unstable or uncomfortable dentures.

To find out whether you require a crown or a dental bridge, talk to the experts at Box Hill North Dental.