Are you experiencing a throbbing toothache that’s so bad that you often wake up in the middle of the night?

Such a pulse-numbing pain is a clear indication that your tooth is severely infected and bacteria have reached to the soft dental pulp. Years ago, such tooth was pulled out to prevent the infection from spreading to other healthy parts of your mouth.

But, with the latest root canal or endodontic treatment, the dentist repairs rather than pulling out the decayed tooth. Though, having a bad reputation, root canal has become vital to save the infected tooth.

Professional Root Canal Treatment by Experts

If you are experiencing chronic and indescribable tooth pain, contact Box Hill North Dental today! Our expert endodontists use advanced technologies and methods to ensure that most of the root canals are completed in a single visit.

We understand that it can be absolutely painful to get a root canal while the tooth is still infected. Therefore, we make sure the infection is healed before the procedure, for a quick and accurate root canal that causes minimal discomfort to the patients. Besides, in the case of complex root canals, we utilize an endodontic microscope that allows us to take a good look deep within the tooth for the utmost accuracy and precision.

What is Root Canal and How Can it Save Your Tooth?

When you visit us for a root canal treatment, our expert dentist will remove the decay to access the infected pulp. The infected pulp is removed, and the canals are cleaned and disinfected thoroughly. Depending on the complexity, we apply special dressings and temporary filling inside your tooth to heal the surrounding soft tissues and destroy bacteria. Once, the decay is completely removed, the roots of your tooth are sealed to prevent future infection. As uncomfortable as it may sound, we make sure you experience little pain by administrating local anaesthesia. Root canal therapy can take several appointments, and depending on the complexity of the individual tooth.