Do your teeth have holes and cavities, which ruins your overall appearance? Do you experience throbbing pain while brushing certain teeth? Do sensitive teeth cause pain when you eat your favourite ice-cream?

These symptoms show you have decayed tooth, indicating you require dental filling as quickly as possible.

Contact Box Hill North Dental for dental restoration. We have a team of specialists offer comprehensive dental filling to help you restore your teeth and relieve the pain caused by cavities.

Filling or dental restoration is a process that aims at restoring your damaged, decayed, broken or cavities-ridden teeth to its original shape and function.

Our dentist carries out restoration by removing the damaged part of the tooth, cleans and disinfected the area, seals off the cavity with a restorative material.

Dental fillings are one of the most commonly used methods to repair, fix and restore teeth.

At Box Hill North Dental, we use different types of materials to fill in the cavities. Our dentists choose the most appropriate material that best suits your specific condition.

Types of fillers include:

  • Amalgam: It’s a mixture of tin, silver, mercury and other metals. It is one of the cost-effective fillings.
  • Gold: One of the most expensive materials, this type of filling is harder for the dentists to work with, therefore takes longer time.
  • Composite resins or tooth-coloured fillers are used mostly for cosmetic reasons; It is easy to work with and cost lesser than gold.
  • Ionomers are tooth coloured fillings which are used to seal off small cavities between teeth.