Teeth Whitening Clinic in Box Hill North

Discoloured or stained teeth can (literally) take away the beautiful smile from your face. It can make you feel less confident affecting your professional and personal life!

Several factors like ageing, poor oral hygiene and seemingly routine things we do like consuming excessive tea, coffee, alcohol or chain-smoking, along with tartar and tooth decay can result in discoloured teeth.

Natural Smiles are Restored at Box Hill North Dental!

If you feel less confident about your smile because you’ve discoloured or stained teeth, it’s time to visit Box Hill North Dental. Our experienced dentists offer professional teeth whitening treatments to help you brighten your smile!

Using the SDI Office bleaching system (which is favoured by most experts across the world), along with state-of-art technology, we offer quickest teeth whitening procedure that takes less than an hour!

Get Brighter, Beautiful & Whiter Smiles, Naturally

Teeth whitening offers a permanent solution and is one of the most effective ways to instantly improve the appearance and quality of your smile, further boosting your self-confidence.

Besides, it is an accessible cosmetic dentistry option which is regarded as the safest procedure since it brings out the natural whiteness of your teeth by neutralising the pigments and stains, rather than masking it.

Why Should you Visit Box Hill North Dental for Teeth Whitening?

Unlike an array of over the counter whitening products and treatments found in the salons, it is always wise to visit a dentist. These qualified and trained professionals diagnose the reason behind yellowish, stained or discoloured teeth and provide you with the most appropriate treatment that caters to your unique problem.